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Tent PVC fabric cleaning

        Now many activities will choose to use tents to build the venue. At first, they are basically white PVC fabric, but after a long time of use, the PVC fabric will become black and dirty, which will affect the image after installation. So, after using PVC fabric for a certain period of time, we should clean it. It’s not the tent that is dirty, but your image!

Recently, some customers asked Superb Tent: What if the PVC fabric is dirty? Is that the case? How should we solve it?

Our professional technicians answer for customers: there are many reasons for the PVC fabric dirty. One is that the quality of the PVC fabric you use is not good, the color is dark yellow, and it will become dark and yellow after a period of time. The second is due to environmental and weather reasons, PVC fabric stained with dirt caused by the second situation can be cleaned. So how to wash it?

Then we’ll teach you some ways to clean the tent cloth!

Generally speaking, weak alkaline detergent can be used to scrub the PVC fabric to avoid excessive scratches on sharp hard objects, so as to avoid damage. If there is a small area of damage can be repaired by glue bonding with similar materials. When cleaning warehouse PVC fabrics, we must pay attention to safety, especially for roof cleaning. It is recommended that professionals clean the PVC fabrics.

If the number of PVC fabrics is small and the cleaning conditions are limited, you can spread out the PVC fabrics just like mopping the floor at home. With mop and bucket, add appropriate detergent to clean, after cleaning, attention should be paid to air drying;

If the quantity is large, we can buy detergents used in large areas such as shopping malls or hospitals. We can rotate and mop the floor on PVC fabrics. With professional detergents, we can easily clean up the stains.

If there is a large amount of tents in stock and a large number of tents need to be cleaned for a long time, it is recommended that you purchase professional cleaning equipment, which can not only improve work efficiency, but also speed up the use of tents and save more time.

In addition to the above methods, you can also clean the corresponding PVC fabric according to your actual situation, but in the cleaning process, you need to pad the auxiliary things under the PVC fabric, preferably carpets, otherwise the stones on the ground may leave imprints on the PVC fabric due to pressure, or even destroy it.

Clean PVC fabric, like our wash clothes, can be folded and stored after washing and air-drying or natural drying. Otherwise, mildew may occur. They are placed or packaged according to specifications and labeled for next installation and use.

The PVC fabric outside the tent is like a person wearing clothes. The cleaner it is, the more people like it! If the PVC fabric does not affect your image, so take good care of your tent!